Author:      Caroline HALSTED 

Title:          Life of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby 

Publisher:  Smith, Elder and Co., Cornhill, London.

Date:         1839

Author:      Charles Henry COOPER

                  Edited, after Cooper’s death, by John E. Major

Title:          Memoir of Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby

Publisher:  Deighton Bell and Co., Cambridge

Date:         1874

Author:       Lady Margaret DOMVILE

Title:          The King’s Mother: Memoir of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

Publisher:  Burnes and Oates, London

Date:         1899

Author:       Enid M. G. ROUTH

Title:          Memoir of Lady Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby, Mother of Henry VII

Publisher:  Oxford University Press

Date:         1924


Author:       Linda SIMON

Title:          Of Virtue Rare: Margaret Beaufort, Matriarch of the House of Tudor

Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin, Boston

Date:         1982

Authors:     Michael K. JONES and Malcolm G. UNDERWOOD 

Title:          The King’s Mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

Publisher:  Cambridge University Press

Date:         1992

ISBN:         0521447941

Review:     The most definitive scholarly biography of Lady Margaret to date.

Author:       Elizabeth NORTON

Title:          Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudor Dynasty

Publisher:  Amberley Publishing

Date:         2010

ISBN:        1445601427 

Review:     A concise and balanced account with frequent reference to historical sources.


Historical Fiction

(“Any resemblance to actual events, or persons living or dead, is coincidental”)

Author:      Betty KING, 1919-

Title:          The Lady Margaret

Publisher:  Herbert Jenkins, London

Date:         1965

Synopsis:  Based on the improbable premise that the 12-year old Margaret was desperately

                  in love with her 24 year-old husband Edmund Tudor: “one of history’s truly great


Author:      Betty KING, 1919-

Title:          The King’s Mother

Publisher:  Robert Hale

Date:         1969

ISBN:        0709107730

Synopsis:  Sequel to the above, covering 1485-1509.  Unfulfilled passion between LMB and

                  her late first husband’s brother, Jasper. 

Author:      Iris GOWER (DAVIES) 1939-2010.

Title:          Bride of the Thirteenth Summer (as Iris DAVIES)

Publisher:  Robert Hale

Date:         1975

ISBN:         070914783X

Reissued:  1999 as Destiny’s Child, Iris GOWER, Thorndike Press

ISBN:         078388768X

Synopsis:   A simplified story of Lady Margaret from 8 years old until 1485.  In the fanciful

                   final chapter, she witnesses the Battle of Bosworth.

Author:      Alice HARWOOD

Title:          The uncrowned Queen

Publisher:  Robert Hale

Date:         1983

ISBN:         0709009405

Synopsis:  1450-1509: a somewhat wooden portrayal that covers the main historical events

                  of Margaret Beaufort’s life, including the reign of Henry VII.  Details of her marital

                  relationships, religious feelings, and intellectual or political inclinations, are

                  largely left to the reader’s imagination.

Author:      Philippa GREGORY, b.1954.

Title:          The Red Queen

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

Date:         2010

ISBN:        978-1416563723

Synopsis:  Covers the period 1453-1485.  Well-written, with an intelligent interpretation

                 of the historical facts.  The best of the bunch.  However, there is a tendency to

                 portray Lady Margaret as an overambitious schemer who hides behind religious

                 conviction to justify some morally repugnant decisions.  Many would prefer to

                 believe that Lady Margaret’s devotion to her son’s political supremacy, though it

                 involved plotting and intrigue, was a little more compatible with piety and Christian

                 principles.  This is a work of fiction, however.


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